Why speed is important to your online success

Speed drives results online. The speed that your website loads at has the potential to impact your brand, your search ranking, your conversions and your overall user experience. Here’s our take on why a fast-loading website is important to your business.

How focused are you on converting your leads?

In 2008 a survey of online users found that 47% expected a site to load in less than 2 seconds, while 40% of those surveyed would abandon a site that takes longer than 3 seconds to load. That’s 40 out of every 100 leads lost before they even reach your site.

In 2018 Google identified that 53% of mobile visits leave a page that takes more than 3 seconds to load. If your audience is browsing on mobile that means losing a potential 53 leads out of every 100.

If you’re investing time and money on getting customers to visit your website, you don’t want to lose them before they even reach your home page. Making sure your website loads quickly is vital if you want to make the most of your money.

Consider your brand in everything you do

If you’ve spent time developing a brand then you know that every action you take as a business can build or damage your reputation. That’s also true for the performance of your website.

With a high expectation amongst users for online speed; failing to perform can create a bad first impression. Slow websites are often perceived as unsafe or lacking in security, and speed can quickly erode potential trust in your brand.

If you aim to project an efficient and confident image with a website that can be trusted, it’s worth prioritising speed from the start.

Search ranking and user experience

How easy your site is to use directly impacts your rating with Google and where you appear in their rankings. Google is focused on delivering a fast online experience for its users. Speed is one of the more than 250 ranking factors used to decide who appears on page 1 of a search.

Your user experience doesn’t just impact Google, it also impacts how likely potential customers are to like your brand; buy your product or service; and recommend your site to other people. If your website is slow to load then you risk performing badly in all of these areas. That adds up to bad news for your bottom line.

Time to turn your speed around

Trafik are focused on delivering great results for your business by creating the best websites. That means we take speed, security and user experience seriously. We design websites that perform for your business and for your users.

If you’re concerned about the speed of your website or your user experience, why not contact our team today. We can review your current site and help you find the right solution to make the most of your online presence. Call today.