Introduction to content marketing

If you’re serious about getting customers to visit your website then content should be your top priority. It’s not just how you tell people who you are. Content is the tool that can confirm to your customers that they need your product or service and why it’s better than what anyone else is offering.

So if you’re wondering how to dip a toe into the world of content creation then this Trafik Techtalk is for you. Here are 6 simple steps to making great content.

Step 1. Define your target audience
We all adjust our language to suit our audience. When it’s in conversation we tend to do it without noticing, but when you’re creating content you need to consciously speak the language of your customer. Working out who you’re talking to upfront will help you define how your brand should feel; how it needs to ‘talk’; and what your customer needs to know.

Step 2. Define your brand’s personality
If you haven’t worked out what your brand stands for then now’s a good time to do it. The benefits? Lasting meaningful relationships with your customers; loyalty; emotional engagement. The challenge? You need to create a personality for your business that your customers can connect with.

Step 3. Work out what your customer needs to know
The emphasis here is on what your audience needs to know - not what you want to tell them. Successful content is relevant to your customer’s needs (not yours). You need to make a sale but they need to know how your product is going to change their life. Stay on track by talking in benefits and don’t get bogged down by the details.

Step 4. What does your customer want to know?
Content marketing allows you to build a relationship with your customers. That means taking your customer’s experience beyond the purchase and offering them more ways to enjoy what you do.

A library of content can add value and give customers more reason to return to your website, social media or newsletters; then buy your product. Investing in high quality content can build loyalty - giving customers more reasons to choose your brand over someone else’s.

Step 5. Always remember SEO
Good website content isn’t written because of SEO; it’s written for your customers. But you do need to make sure your content contains the right keywords and phrases to allow it to be found. SEO should always be part of your content strategy to ensure you’re maximising traffic to your website and sales for your business.

Step 6. Keep it up
With content marketing, consistency is key. That’s where Trafik can help. Our team can create and manage your content cycle so your brand is always in conversation with your customer - leaving you free to manage the day-to-day logistics of your business.

We are Trafik
Trafik is a digital marketing agency based in sunny Hawke’s Bay with a team of experts spread across New Zealand and overseas. We’re here to get results for your business online. If you want to produce content for your business but you’re not sure how to find the time to create it: Trafik can help. Call us today