How to Use Content Marketing to Generate Website Traffic

Generating Website Traffic Using Content Marketing 

Google has said over and over that "content is king". Although they have always wanted that to be the case ever since rolling out this mantra all the way back in the mid-2000s, anyone who has been in the SEO game for a long time or done their research knows that this hasn't always been the case. From manipulating backlinks to finding technical ways to game the system, Google has worked tirelessly to make sure the best content makes it to the top, but in the past sometimes it's been a struggle.

That being said, Google has definitely advanced to the point where good content really does matter above all else in today's online world. The algorithms have advanced to the point where they can tell bad content from average content and good content from great content, meaning talented writers are actually more valuable than ever since many SEO experts now believe that aside from avoiding obvious Google penalties, the quality of the content is the single most important ranking factor.

This means content marketing should be at the top of your list for getting more attention, and that starts with your own blog. Writing long, carefully crafted, and exceptional pieces mean you can more easily get others to share them on social media, link to them from their blogs, and send out e-mails to their list about this great new article.

Guest posting with seriously good content is the second phase. When you provide stunning value, a large website is much more likely to allow you to guest post and include multiple links back to your best relevant content. That quality is also going to attract readers from their blogs or websites who are going to then want to follow you as well and see what you have to offer.

Content is not just blog posts or guest blog posts, either. A good content marketing blitz is going to include multiple forms of content including, but not limited to, infographics, videos, social media posts, and more. Being able to create a stunning video you can then link to and share via your blog, guest blogs, and social media is only going to further your outreach and gain more fans.

Many of the best infographics have been picked up by literally dozens or hundreds of blogs that then also share them on picture-based social media like Instagram and Pinterest as well as conventional accounts like Facebook. The amount of attention this can get you is huge, especially if the links given within (or alongside) that infographic lead to a truly top-notch video, blog post, or both.

The quality of content is what readers care about most, and when you can create content that really grabs the attention of the reader, holds their interest, and makes them want even more, then you have a content marketing campaign that is truly hitting on all cylinders.

Remember these various strategies and your next content marketing strategy will be sure to yield even better results than before.