Using LinkedIn to Market Your Company


Many people use LinkedIn to connect with potential employers. However, the website can also be used to reach out to potential customers. If you are looking to market your company through LinkedIn, follow these five tips: 

Fill Out Your Professional Profile

Filling out your profile is one of the best ways to develop credibility about yourself and your company. It lets people know that you are qualified to perform the job you are advertising and lets you get a glimpse into your values, dreams, and goals. Information to include on your professional profile includes your qualifications, experience, years in business, skills, awards, and valid contact information.

Create Your Company's Page

Create a company page by filling out your organization's name, uploading logos and images, filling in the About Us section, providing links to your webpage, and including any other information that will be relevant to potential customers. Share the location and indicate any featured groups your business is a part of.

Start Sharing Posts

Ensure that you provide relevant content on your LinkedIn page regularly. Many people who want to find out more about a business use LinkedIn and it is therefore important that you provide as much information as possible about your company. Ensure that you make use of all the post types available including articles, videos, and images. Also, make sure that your content stands out from the crowd by coming up with creative, industry-relevant articles, videos and images. Include calls to action and prompt the reader to find out more about your company.

Build Your Contacts List

LinkedIn allows you to search for contacts via name, location, connections and even companies that they work for. You can then contact them through the paid email system. You can introduce yourself and the products or services your company has to offer. You can even filter the search results further to reach clients who are more likely to do business with you based on their demographics.

Create Industry-Related Groups

Create groups that you can use to communicate more about your company to larger groups of people. Groups are great because they help to present you as an industry leader and make people more likely to listen to you. Groups also allow you to reach greater numbers of people and ultimately convert more sales.

In Conclusion

Using LinkedIn as a marketing tool is a great way to reach a wider audience. After you create your professional profile, remember to join groups related to your industry and create a contacts list to get better results. Soon, you will be on your way to spreading the word about your company.