Are you ready to sell online?

If you’re ready to sell online then Trafik is here to help.

We’ve got a track record of delivering great sales for our clients and we do it by listening carefully to their needs. Here are some things to consider if you’re ready to achieve business success with online sales.

Have you defined your product or service?

This is the first question for any business selling online and it’s important to define this upfront if you want to maximise sales on your website. That’s because the type of product or service you are selling will drive very different requirements from the website you need to build.

Who is your customer?

If you have defined and understood who your customer is, it becomes a lot easier to structure your website to make it easy for them to purchase your product or service. It also means you will be more likely to stay on track when it comes to providing the right information, meeting customer service expectations and managing any delivery requirements effectively.

How are you selling?

Do you plan to sell products on your website only or are you building a sales experience across online and retail stores? Selling services online could be as simple as booking an appointment and paying in advance, or as complicated as hosting online webinars and creating entire online service experiences. Trafik can help you to understand the possibilities so you can choose the right online set up to suit your business. We recommend that all our clients build websites that work across all devices.

Prioritise security

We recommend that all of our clients prioritise security when building their websites. Being a trusted provider means search engines like Google will make it easier for their users to find your website. It’s also essential if you plan to request payment or capture any data from your customers.

Build the right website

There are lots of different options to choose from if you plan to build a website for your business. Trafik can help you to understand what’s available while making it easy to choose the right software and design to sell to your customers. We’re experts in getting it right for our clients because we listen to what’s important to you. Get in contact today and ask us more about building a website for your business.

Monitor your website closely

Adding Google Analytics to your website makes it possible to carefully track where your customers are coming from, where they visit on your site, and what and how they are buying. If customers aren’t making a purchase you’ll have the information you need to work out why, and make the changes necessary to secure the sales.

Be proactive in driving sales

Selling online also offers lots of opportunities to proactively manage the purchase process. From incentivising first purchase with discounts; to recommending similar products and services based on previous purchase behaviour. Trafik can introduce you to a huge range of smart tools designed to stimulate sales and close the deal.

Evolve and optimise your website

Once your website is up and running you will be provided with lots of information about the way that customers are interacting with your products and services and completing transactions. This is your opportunity to regularly review and evolve your website so that you make the most of sales opportunities.

If you’re ready to sell your product or service online then contact Trafik today. We make it easy to understand your options and meet your online sales goals. All you need to do is tell us what you want to achieve and we can tell you what technology is available to drive the best results. Why not get in contact and find out more today?