Are you connecting with your customer’s inbox?

Our latest Trafik Techtalk is all about email marketing.

Email marketing is an easy and cost-effective way to connect with your target audience. It offers your business the opportunity to enhance the customer experience, build your brand, and drive sales.

In this Trafik Techtalk, we’re taking a closer look at ways to increase the effectiveness of your email marketing. Here are a selection of tips designed to deliver results and help you to build loyalty with your target audience.

1. Be unique

An important starting point that’s often missed is working out the benefit your emails will deliver to your customer. As much as possible you should aim for this to be unique to you.

Whether you’re sharing a great deal, helping customers to understand how to get more value from your product, or just keeping them in the loop. Defining your strategy upfront will make it easier to meet your audience’s expectations and plan your content.

2. Keep it regular

Your audience is more likely to engage with your email if it’s of interest to them and they know it’s coming. It’s also easier to prioritise the work involved in creating an email if you’re able to plan ahead. Try to set a regular schedule for your emails and keep to it.

3. Make it simple

You may be excited about all of the wonderful things that are happening in your business this month, but is your customer?

Most of your audience is likely to be short on time and ready to get to the point. Prioritise your most important messages and keep your emails short for maximum effectiveness.

4. Spend time on your subject line

The right subject line encourages your audience to open their emails: the wrong subject line will see you in the trash without a second glance. Spend time getting it right to make sure your emails look interesting enough to open.

5. Be mobile friendly

Clearing email on the go is an easy way to stay in control of your inbox. That means it’s fair to assume that a high percentage of your audience will be scanning their emails from a mobile device. Cater for all your customers upfront and make sure your email looks great on a big and a small screen.

6. Encourage sharing

Add social media sharing buttons to important information, written content, or videos. If your audience know someone else who might be interested, there’s a good chance they will share your content and help you to get your message out there.

7. Offer a great deal

If you want to drive sales and action from your emails, a deal is a great way to get things moving. Special offers and incentives encourage customers to act now rather than leaving it for later. Connect your messages with your offers for a stronger overall theme.

8. Be ready to react

Good emails drive results so it’s important to plan for your customer’s reactions. Be prepared that if your offer is motivating you’re going to receive orders. Make sure your business is capable of delivering them.


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