4 Great Ways to Improve Your SEO

As important as high-quality content is to the success of your website, you also need to make sure that your website is found by the search engines, and put out there when people search for the information that you provide. Search engine optimization is your most important tool in this effort. Here are tips on how to optimize your website so that it is easily found by the search engines.

Try to get snippets from your website featured

When you search Google for an answer to a problem, the search engine will often display an answer drawn from a website, at the top of its search results. When Google features a snippet from a website in this way, you get an answer directly, without needing to enter the website that the answer is taken from.

It can take some work to get Google to feature a snippet from your website. You'll need to find keywords to base good content on, answer a question in a simple and direct way, and boost the authority of your page by building backlinks. Usually, if your content is good enough, Google will feature a snippet.

Design a mobile-responsive website

More than fifty percent of all online traffic is generated by mobile devices. This means that to be successful, websites need to display correctly on mobile screens and load quickly. Google has a Mobile-Friendly Test responsiveness check service and a Think With Google mobile website speed test service that you can use on your website to see how well it works on mobile devices. It's important to remember that when your website doesn't show well on mobile devices, you lose visitors and a good search ranking on Google.

Building backlinks is still important

It used to be that your site's authority on Google was almost entirely determined by the good backlinks that you got. These days, a site's relevance is determined by a number of other factors, as well. Nevertheless, it's still important to build authoritative backlinks to your site. Google's own advice in this area is straightforward: you get to build authoritative backlinks by putting valuable content on your site that people want to link to. Whether your content is video, images or text, if it is high-quality stuff, people will want to reference it on their own pages.

Repurpose your content where possible

There is no rule that says that content can only be used once. When you create content, you may be able to reuse it multiple times, in different forms. If you have a video, for instance, you could write an article about the points that the video makes, as well, or go on social media and promote your video. It's possible to make a single piece of content go much farther than you would think.

SEO is still important

While the methods used to optimize websites may have changed, the idea itself remains that you need to make sure that the search engines see your website, understand its relevance to visitors, and promote it. As you keep offering high-quality content on a website that makes it easy for visitors to experience it, you will find that you are rewarded with a high search engine ranking.